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Premier Plastics and the Dynamic Duo take Utah and the Thermoforming industry by storm!

Now appearing for a long-term, exclusive engagement, Premier Plastics is pleased to announce the addition of their NEW Work Horse of the Industry, the “AMAZING SENCORP 2500 Ultra” to their repertoire of assets. This up-and-coming new member thrusts Premier Plastics into the upper guild of thermoforming society!

No, this is not an encore presentation from 2020. Yes, Premier Plastics has just added their second, Sencorp 2500 Ultra thermoforming machine, vastly expanding their production capabilities. By virtue of increasing capacity, Premier Plastics is no longer hindered by the constraints of “machine time” drama, with enough overflow capacity for those “need now” requests and increased run totals that pop up.

Premier Plastics’ star-studded cast of caricatures is a who’s who on the thermoforming scene. With over 135+ years of combined experience on the world stage, Premier Plastics has tapped into the finest talent within the industry. ISO Certified, 5 in-line thermoforming stations, one dedicated to clean room certification. A diverse range of stand-up packaging stars, stretch packaging, clamshell packaging, blister packaging, form fill & seal and a complete fulfillment department tops off the A-list. And the force orchestrating this finale…Premier Plastics’ grips, their stagehands, managers, and production experts, each gifted in their respective field of study. All, aligned to ensure your project achieves award winning status!

Receive the star-studded service your project deserves! Join the ensemble that is Premier Plastics. Insight, turn-key, and award-winning performances…we are “Your Premier Source in the Art of Thermoforming Solutions.”

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