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It’s Off to the Races!

Premier Plastics Invests $1,000,000.00 on New Sencorp 2500 Ultra-Thermoformer

Salt Lake City, Utah 06-16-2020 – Considered the “Workhorse” in the Thermoforming arena, Premier Plastics recent purchase of the new Sencorp 2500 Ultra positions them as the odds-on favorite in the pursuit of thermoforming excellence.

Premier Plastics has always believed in that quest. The new Sencorp 2500 Ultra is no exception. Designed and built to utilize their existing tooling and greater mold capacities, the Sencorp 2500 Ultra replaces an older Sencorp 2200, a less efficient thermoforming machine purchased in the infant years of Premier Plastics. The Sencorp 2200 had a smaller tooling footprint and slower production times, counter to today’s fast paced, on demand need environment. This change-out optimizes Premier’s production space and increases their productivity output.

​Sencorps new rail transport system requires less material, minimizing waste and increasing efficiencies. The 2500 Ultra utilizes Sencorp’s proprietary, robotic off-load system, which is up to 70% faster than previous designs and includes inline steel rule tools. These tools are designed to shorten production times by allowing Premier Plastics team to perform changeovers within hours, not days, a significant cost savings.

Everything about the Sencorp 2500 Ultra speaks to efficiency, speed and optimum performance. This new pedigree of workhorse exemplifies the true power of USA manufacturing, and clearly provides Premier Plastics a superior advantage in the field of thermoforming Thoroughbreds!

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