Custom Packaging | What We Can Do for You

Custom Solutions

We specialize in creating tailor-made packaging solutions that give your product powerful shelf presence while at the same time providing optimal protection.

Producing Smarter Results

For over 30 years, Premier Plastics has embodied the true spirit of innovation by creating highly functional custom packaging that helps showcase and sell your product. Our approach is simple: if it's not in our inventory of solutions, we'll invent one for you.

Quality Guaranteed

Every project is different, and for that reason we customize our services for the development and needs of your specific project. With our state-of-the-art machinery, equipment, and technology we guarantee to always produce the highest quality solutions.

Proven Process

Each phase of our process is designed to increase efficiencies, control costs and ensure product integrity. Our systematic, proven approach of moving projects from design concept to fulfillment provide cost-effective solutions that increase packaging profitability.

At Premier Plastics, we do what others call impossible to give your product the undeniable “wow” factor.  We guarantee that our designs will get your project to market quickly, create a positive end-user experience, and can be produced sustainably.

Stretch packaging is a versatile, cost effective fold-over packaging style, perfect for retail packaging applications that involve greater product viewing requirements and enhanced brand messaging capabilities. Stretch pack can be printed as a 360-degree product view, or a front-back format providing additional product integrity with increased messaging opportunities. Stretch packaging can be customized to fit your product design and increase brand recognition efforts.



Custom thermoformed trays have a multitude of uses and can range from a simple one-cavity part for holding a particular product, to a multi-cavity design for several pieces which go together, or a precisely organized shape which can be used to house and protect expensive and fragile items.



Plastic clamshell packaging is a thermoformed plastic package designed to encapsulate and clearly display a retail product. The term clamshell refers to the hinging of the product similar to a “clamshell” that you may find at the beach. High visibility of the product and messaging, with added flexibility of product display are the key benefits of clamshell packaging.



A plastic blister pack is a two-piece package made up of a front-facing, clear thermoformed plastic blister that is sealed to a pre-printed graphics card. Mainly used in the pharmaceutical, medical, and consumer goods industries, blister packaging is a popular form of packaging many smaller items in one larger package.



Point of Purchase displays are intended to promote new products, make special offers or capitalize on special events such as holidays. Displays can include shelf edging, stands, posters, banners or display packs.



We offer many packaging fulfillment services, from heat sealing for blister packaging, RF sealing for clamshell packaging, as well as Stretch Pack fulfillment. We also offer secondary process assembly for your products such as kitting, light assembly, wrapping, specialty pack-out, as well as club store-style display builds.



Form, Fill & Seal packaging is exactly that, all inline, on one machine. Packaging material feeds into the machinery where a custom cavity, or multi-cavity mold is pressed for your product, then automatically fills your product into the cavities in a non-contaminate filling station. The final stage completely seals and separates your packaged product, ready for storage or direct-to-market in custom, retail ready product packaging.



Premier Plastic’s contract packaging division is where all of our core competencies come together. Because of our unique blend of engineering and production abilities, Premier Plastics has the ability to expand or modify production on short notice to meet the demanding time constraints of our customers.