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Premier Plastics launches NEW UX/UI enhanced website!

For a business to stay relevant, it must continually self-evaluate. Understanding the working environment, utilizing the tools at hand, and harnessing the energy of that understanding and technology are essential to staying competitive, productive, and viable.

Image of Premier Plastics home page highlighting clamshell packaging.

A business’ web presence is no different. It is the new brick & mortar “Storefront.” It is the window in which shoppers will window-shop, in many cases the first impression for most. If that storefront is obsolete, overgrown with weeds, and a parking lot littered with past remnants of bygone content and clutter, the likelihood of them walking through your door diminishes exponentially.

Variable computer layouts of the new Premier Plastics website.

Our focus for the new storefront at Premier Plastics was to increase our user’s experience and influence their interaction while visiting. Through engaging video, professional imagery, pertinent information and an easy to navigate experience, our storefront invites the user in and quickly showcases Premier Plastics abilities and talent in a clean, fluid manner.

We have also added a resource/blog center that will feature; packaging design techniques, do’s-n-don’ts of product packaging, tips for successful packaging design, new project roll outs, case-studies and more. Visit our site and opt-in to stay up to date on current happenings in the Thermoforming industry.

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