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A key factor in successful packaging design is the relationship between manufacturer and branding professional. This relationship is symbiotic, each entity feeding off the energy that both exude. Imagine this; a team of professionals, from two spectrum's of the packaging world, banding together to conceptualize, plan, develop and produce the spoils of your labor… successful brand packaging.

To best capitalize on those spoils, it is important for your design team to understand the manufacturers processes, their capabilities, and the limitations of such. For a designer to receive a die-line via internet without understanding the thought process behind that choice of packaging, nor the insight behind that decision, is not the ideal way to begin your journey. For the manufacturer, to receive the designer’s layout, on said provided die-line, without understanding the process of creation behind that design, well, quite frankly, misses the pure essence of that brand! Good manufacturers and designers understand that.

This is never truer than in the world of “custom” thermoformed packaging. Unlike commodity packaging where you are provided standard size packaging i.e., a box, tray, plastic insert, etc., thermoformed packaging is product specific, made to accommodate your product or multiple products in a single, secure, tamper-evident package with much more product appeal if needed than traditional commodity packaging.

For the best results, convene the collaborative team together as soon as possible. Pull from the minds in the room and gather a deep understanding of your client’s needs and best practices forward to meet those needs. Work as a cohesive team by dissecting the challenges from all aspects; production, design, final presentation, distribution…and yes, marketing!

Upcoming Topic: File set up!

Thank you for the response to our invitation to cover certain topics within our Resource Center, we had several great questions. For those that asked, in our next entry we will address basic printing principles and file preparation. Many projects miss deadlines due to simple file setup errors. If those errors make it all the way to the press or beyond, your packaging costs just substantially increase!

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