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Packaging done right!

From initial concept to tooling development and production, our proven manufacturing methods create a flexible atmosphere that enhances our ability to adapt to the ever-changing variables in package design and deliver fresh, innovative custom solutions for your product.

Established 1989

150+ Years Combined Industry Experience

Multiple Thermoforming Lines

Full Turn Key Solutions

Dekra 9001-2015


Who we Are

Premier Plastics specializes in designing and producing custom packaging solutions that lowers customer packaging costs, while increasing shelf space awareness for our customer’s products. Over the past three decades, Premier Plastics has grown from a 3,500 square foot facility, into a 40,000 square foot facility.

Premier Plastics’ unique four-phase business model begins with understanding your end user’s point of view while building an innovative team environment that nourishes your product packaging experience. From initial concept to tooling development and production, our proven methods create a flexible atmosphere that enhances our ability to adapt to the ever-changing variables in package design.


Our Process


PHASE I - Design & Development

Discovery and Partnership

During the discovery phase we collaborate closely with clients to identify packaging objectives, examine functional and aesthetic packaging requirements, and select the right materials. We work hand-in-hand to understand our client's specific needs for each project and evaluate your packaging challenges from every angle.


Custom Design

We believe that the best packaging designs are attractive, eco-friendly, and benefit the consumer by providing a unique experience. Once our discovery process is completed, we take the information gathered during this phase and begin creating initial design and concept drawings. By placing the customer experience at the heart of our design process, we add more than just functionality to our design. We try to solve problems in order to improve user comfort with simple and innovative solutions, while simultaneously keeping all manufacturing processes efficient and cost effective.

Concept Engineering & Prototyping

Rapid, Cost-effective Validation

After initial designs have been approved, we utilize the latest CAD and 3D printing technology to create 3D sample molds and generate a prototype. Each prototype gives a visual and tangible representation of the final package and allows us to test for fit and function. This approach allows us to vet concepts quickly and cost effectively.


PHASE II - Rapid Prototype & Tooling

On-Time Tooling

Reducing Development Time and Quickly Adapting to Changing Needs.

Our in-house tool design and engineering capabilities allow is to provide fast turnarounds for our clients, which is particularly helpful for time-sensitive projects. By combining our team’s extensive knowledge and skills with the most advanced computerized controls we create the highest quality customized tooling.


Production Molds

The Best Materials, Machinery and most Efficient Production

For our production molds we only use aluminum to deliver the highest quality thermoformed plastic parts. All of our machinery is electronically controlled to maintain temperature, vacuum pressure and timing for the highest accuracy. Although each project at Premier Plastics requires customized tooling, we help reduce costs by utilizing master mold and master tooling systems.

Tool and Mold storage

 Ensuring Optimal Performance in the Future

Proper storage and safe keeping of tools ensure rapid turnaround for future orders. We make sure that after production runs tools are carefully cataloged, stored and maintained. At Premier Plastics we take care of your property as if it’s our own.


PHASE III - Production & Manufacturing

Exceptional Product Protection and Promotion

Manufactured thermoforming packaging is at the heart of what we do at Premier Plastics. Founded in 1989, we have developed innovative solutions for the consumer retail, nutraceutical and medical markets for more than 30 years. Our superior packaging solutions are grounded in the constant collaboration between our design, tooling, and manufacturing departments, ensuring that your project is aligned with the manufacturing technology that will deliver the protection and visibility your products need. We creatively balance the competing needs of marketing, procurement and sustainability to provide solutions that are both cost effective and user-friendly.



Tailor-made Packaging - Thermoforming is a very versatile method of packaging many items in many different industries. At Premier Plastics we provide a wide variety of thermoformed packaging solutions, ranging from certified medical grade materials for the medical/dental and nutraceuticals industry, FDA approved materials for the food packaging industries and  anti-static packaging for the computer & electronics industries, as well as materials for retail packaging.

Thermoforming is a technique by which a ridged sheet is heated and stretched over a custom designed mold that mimics the shape of your product. When the plastic sheet cools down, it retains the shape of the mold, ensuring a tight and customized fit. The plastic is then trimmed and assembled with your product inside to create a finished product.

Quality Assurance

The Best Design is only as good as its Production Execution

At Premier Plastics we know that in order to produce the highest quality packaging, we must uphold impeccable quality control standards. The Quality Management System at our facility is ISO 9001:2015 certified for clarity and we are cGMP compliant. We are dedicated to delivering only excellence and to meet our customers’ Quality needs. Every step in the production lifecycle is carefully monitored overseen by experienced technicians. We statistically control our processes to ensure quality and manufacturing repeatability. This allows us to always maintain the highest quality standards.


PHASE IV - Fulfillment & Distribution

Delivering more than just a package


Ensuring that your packaging solutions are delivered on time is a natural extension of our thermoforming services. We offer assembly, packaging, and shipping of products to help keep your costs down and keep projects moving efficiently.


Inventory & Supply Chain management


Putting it All Together

With Premier Plastics as your partner you can reap the benefits of advanced supply chain and logistics planning. Thanks to our extensive network of trusted suppliers and our in-house production capabilities, you can consolidate your purchases and thereby create a streamlined workflow with quicker response times. We closely monitor our fulfillment and supply chain solutions to keep up with your production efforts and ensure that all your needs are being met.

Can't wait? Call us today for more information about our packaging solutions at 801-975-0133 or you may contact us directly through this site on our contact page.


We look forward to seeing you at the shows!


“I couldn’t believe how fast it all came together.  We went from a drawing on a napkin to 25,000 units of the finished product in less than two months.  It was crazy.  Next thing we knew, builders were buying it and telling us it was saving them hundreds of dollars per site in duct cleaning fees.”
Christopher Maupin

Vent Clean, LLC.

We were impressed with the team at Premier Plastics: they listened to what we were saying, and what we were looking to accomplish. With the experience and the recommendations that we received from Premier Plastics; I knew we were talking to the right people.

Chris O.

Six months after Premier Plastics created a new packaging solution, we were amazed to see that our sales volume had increased 1,000% and the only change was the display of the product in the new Custom Clamshell Packaging!

Brian F.

The Possibilities Are Endless

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