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Premier Plastics Invests $1,000,000.00 on New Sencorp 2500 Ultra-Thermoformer

Salt Lake City, Utah 06-16-2020 – Considered the “Workhorse” in the Thermoforming arena, Premier Plastics recent purchase of the new Sencorp 2500 Ultra positions them as the odds-on favorite in the pursuit of thermoforming excellence.


Premier Plastics has always believed in that quest. The new Sencorp 2500 Ultra is no exception. Designed and built to utilize their existing tooling and greater mold capacities, the Sencorp 2500 Ultra replaces an older Sencorp 2200, a less efficient thermoforming machine purchased in the infant years of Premier Plastics. The Sencorp 2200 had a smaller tooling footprint and slower production times, counter to today’s fast paced, on demand need environment. This change-out optimizes Premier’s production space and increases their productivity output.

Sencorps new rail transport system requires less material, minimizing waste and increasing efficiencies. The 2500 Ultra utilizes Sencorp’s proprietary, robotic off-load system, which is up to 70% faster than previous designs and includes inline steel rule tools. These tools are designed to shorten production times by allowing Premier Plastics team to perform changeovers within hours, not days, a significant cost savings.

Everything about the Sencorp 2500 Ultra speaks to efficiency, speed and optimum performance. This new pedigree of workhorse exemplifies the true power of USA manufacturing, and clearly provides Premier Plastics a superior advantage in the field of thermoforming Thoroughbreds!

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Project Shield logo.png



This sePPE Face Shield - American Ingenuity at it's finest!


Premier Plastics has successfully designed and is now producing quality, value-oriented face shields, constructed from 100% Post-Consumer, 100% Recyclable PET for the health care industry. With demand high, and supplies extremely limited for Protective Personal Equipment, Premier Plastics’ dedicated 20% of their production capacity to help mitigate the spread of Covid-19. Generating 10,000 face shields a day - 50,000 quality, disposable face shields distributed a week to health care facilities and their front-line health care providers.


What began as a disturbing, late-night news report for founder and owner Jim Holbrook, became an endeavor of people that flourished into a movement, tooled up and in production within 10-days’ time.

This se

“A simple picture of a healthcare provider with a face shield, and the other without…that’s when I knew we had to do something. We needed to find a way to help during these times of question, and knew we had the capacity to do so. This is our solution, our way of giving back to the communities and organizations that keep us safe, and support us all” ~ Jim Holbrook


Premier Plastics would like to thank the business’ and individuals that contributed in the timeliest of manners to make this vital project a reality, THANK YOU!


• W.R. Sharpels   • Litho-Flexo   • ColorTransfer   • Out’a the linez

Local Charity Receives Windfall of Goodwill

By: Layne Lundstrom

June 6, 2020

Project Shield logo.png

Salt Lake City, Utah 06-02-2020 – Premier Plastics, Inc. teams with local non-profit, Charity Anywhere to combat the spread of Covid-19, donating $337,500.00 worth of 100% recyclable PPE face shields. This is the largest Project Shield donation to date and represents over 33,750 face shields donated to Charity Anywhere.


Located in Bountiful, UT. Charity Anywhere is a non-profit organization dedicated to giving service to anyone, anywhere in the world.* Their outreach programs touch many nations, within many diversified communities, and on many continents throughout the world, all projects bettering mankind.


Charity Anywhere provided a positive conduit for mass distribution of our Premier Plastics’ PPE Face Shields. Local charity, international reach, it was a natural fit.” – Jim Holbrook


To date, Premier Plastics has donated over 100,000 face shields to non-profit organizations around the world, as well as met the demand from individuals, small businesses and health organizations large and small,  providing them with quality, cost effective, 100% disposable PPE face shields. As the fight against Covid-19 continues, so too will the outstanding efforts by organizations like Premier Plastics and Charity Anywhere.


*Per Charity Anywhere website.

Utah Manufacturing Company Producing 10,000 PPE Face Shields Per Shift

By: Layne Lundstrom

April 30, 2020


In the first quarter of 2020, Jim Holbrook, pictured left,  of Premier Plastics, Inc. was anticipating another fast-paced year in manufacturing for he and his team, celebrating 30 years in business and looking to capitalize on increased manufacturing prospects in the US. “My personal goal was to increase new client sales by one-million dollars for 2020.” I knew it would be a lofty goal, but achievable through aggressive marketing strategies and promising new market verticals. A late-night news program on drive-thru testing facilities and the disturbing images of front line health care providers ill equipped for the task at hand re-prioritized that goal for the time being, and it was on.” In Jim’s words!

Reports had been circulating towards the end of 2019 about a strain of Corona virus and the possibilities of an on-coming pandemic. COVID-19 was rearing its nasty head in Wuhan China. Current records to date estimates there are *3.21 million cases of COVID-19 world-wide, resulting in 228,000 deaths. Here at home in the US we have experienced *1.06 million cases of COVID-19 resulting in 61,514 deaths. To put that number in perspective, that is more lives lost than lost in the Vietnam war.

That late-night news report highlighting the struggles of front line workers, and the lack of PPE supplies captured the plight of the pandemic in one image; one health care provider with a face shield, one health care provider without a face shield. “That image played over and over in my head, surfacing often and with each new news clip. We are a manufacturing company, we are geared for this type of production, what can we do to help? Reports of 3D printed masks began to emerge, telling of limited production capabilities and high costs per unit, yet still a gallant attempt by companies and individuals alike to help slow the spread of COVID-19. 3D printed shields became the rage. “We have 3D printers but felt there had to be a more viable solution to the cause at hand. The health care industry needed these items in mass and needed them immediately” And so, it began…the quest to mass produce quality PET face shields for the health care providers on the front lines.

To those of us that know manufacturing in general, and thermoforming specifically, we know the process and time that goes into each and every project. Expediting the thermoforming process is not an easy task!  However, by pulling resources and team members together, and dedicating 20% of their manufacturing capacity, Premier Plastics’ engineers, production team and a committed effort from several business partners, they took the challenge to heart, designing, prototyping, tooling, production, distribution and messaging in as little as two weeks. “We took a look at the mask designs that were out there and formulated a strategy to create a functional, high quality, cost effective, environmentally safe face shield. Hence, Project Shield! The brainchild of Jim Holbrook.


Nearly 9,300 U.S. health care workers contracted COVID-19, and 27 have died. A majority of those who tested positive (55%) think they were exposed while at work. **


To date, Premier Plastics, Inc. has manufactured and distributed over 100,000-100% Post-Consumer, 100% Recyclable PET face shields to hospitals across the nation, as well as local and regional health organizations, small companies and the hard hit, Navajo Reservation.


Goals are set to be achieved, and given time and energy, those goals can become a reality. However, as in all of life’s paths we walk, goals are only as strong as the contributions we choose to make along the way. Making personal and professional sacrifices in pursuit of the goals, makes achieving them…all the more rewarding.

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** Source: NPR