Branding, consumer usage and shelf appeal are all part of the conversation to create the ideal application. Whether you need packaging for retail, consumer electronics, beauty, medical, nutraceutical, or foods, Premier Plastics has the technical expertise in packaging for diverse markets to make the impossible possible.




Cosmetics & Nutraceutical




Precision. Safety. Ease of use.

Security, safety and traceability are critical elements to medical packaging. At Premier Plastics we understand the importance of ensuring that the delicate elements of sensitive medical devices need to be well packaged during sterilization, storage, shipment, and delivery. Our designs are created to both satisfy the needs of the end user while also keeping unit costs at a minimum. Because we control every step of the design and manufacturing phases, we provide you with customized, highly responsive service to create a solution that fits your exact needs and provides a flexible and efficient output. We are proud to uphold the highest safety standards and our medical packaging processes are performed in a Clean Room to ensure total product protection and integrity.


An alluring image is everything to potential customers

In today’s competitive and diverse market space, consumers can choose between countless products and brands on the store shelves. The look and feel, form and function, and eye-catching first impression are critical in this crowded market space. The need to stand out has never been greater. At Premier Plastics, we dig deep to learn what motivates customers, and combine that knowledge with our technical expertise to develop solutions that will get your products noticed. Our wide range of production capabilities allow for a variety of design and manufacturing possibilities, depending on your unique product needs. With Premier Plastics as your partner, you can rest assured that your products will command attention.



Continuously adapting to new developments

Packaging for electronics must not only act as a brand builder, it must also protect products from theft while maintaining highly visible display capabilities because of the delicate nature and high value of electronic goods. We understand that speed to market and precision production is critical to your success. Our easily adaptable workflow systems and manufacturing processes are designed to meet your needs in this fast-changing market, while our inventive product designs will highlight your points of differentiation and appeal to a technology discerning audience.



High visibility with stunning shelf appeal

Exceptional presentation is essential for your product to stand out in this highly competitive industry. We understand that each beauty product has unique properties and characteristics and brings something special and unique to the market. Our team of design and packaging engineers have many years of experience in creating stylish, high value, customized packaging and will partner with you from initial design to product roll-out to create attractive, cost-efficient packaging that connects with customers and enhances brand appeal.



Packaging as appetizing as the products it contains


Food products need powerful packaging that speaks clearly to shoppers and showcases your unique brand. Food is a personal choice: products often go directly from the package to our mouths. At Premier Plastics, we create packaging that entices, makes enjoyment on the go easy, and has a clean appearance. We match our in-depth understanding of the functional attributes of food packaging applications with the most attractive designs to maintain customer appeal and make your products the most likely option for consumers to choose. We make sure our solutions preserve freshness, ensure the security and seals and maximize visual appeal so your product has a competitive edge that ensures consumers will return for more.